CPI has gone above and beyond to establish itself as a leading full-service agronomy retailer in South Central Nebraska.

We build strong relationships with our customers by providing local data, product recommendations and the newest innovations in ag technology to help you improve your operation’s output and profitability.

We add value and share success through our solid lineup of products and services​

Seed, fertilizers and crop protection products

Custom applications and equipment rental

Precision ag technology and support

A dedicated team of experienced agronomists with a keen eye on safety and stewardship for your farm

Anybody can sell seed, fertilizer or crop protection products. 

But becoming a trusted advisor to deliver the best value to your business takes real effort, and that’s where we excel. 


If you’re not working with a CPI agronomist, it’s never too late to start. Contact us today!

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Agronomy Team


Chris Wagner
Area Business Manager

kevin hoffschneider headshot

Kevin Hoffschneider
Procurement Strategy & Product Manager

Ryan Bohl
Agronomy Coordinator – Seed, Chemical, & Fertilizer

Anna Kasl
Agronomy Coordinator – Systems Integration & Inventory Controls

Jeff Consbruck
Sales Agronomist

Derrick Drohman
Sales Agronomist

mike garrett headshot

Mike Garrett
Sales Agronomist

Josh Harms
Sales Agronomist

Travis Keyes
Sales Agronomist

Brent Mau
Sales Agronomist

Travis Meents
Sales Agronomist

cade oswald headshot

Cade Oswald
Sales Agronomist

Zach Parr
Sales Agronomist

Dillon Schall
Sales Agronomist

Mike Stephens
Sales Agronomist

rudy stopher headshot

Rudy Stofer
Sales Agronomist

Kyle Thatcher
Sales Agronomist

Randy Van Laningham
Sales Agronomist


andy klein headshot

Andy Klein
Regional Operations Manager

rob evers headshot

Rob Evers
Regional Operations Manager

brett stevens headshot

Brett Stevens
Agronomy Dispatch

Brian Arnold
Quality Assurance/Control Manager

Agronomy Locations

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Crop Protection Products & Services

Fertilizer – Herbicides – Fungicides – Insecticides

We offer a complete line of products to enhance your crops and prevent yield loss. CPI’s experienced team of agronomists provide peace-of mind by analyzing the required product selection for your farm. We provide the agronomic service and support you expect.

All fertilizers and Crop Protection Products are available for direct to farm delivery or pickup. Custom application services are available.


  • Soil sampling (composite, grid and zone)
  • Tissue samples
  • Custom seeding recommendations
  • Cover crop inter-seeding
  • Custom NH3 application
  • Bulk fertilizer and chemical delivery to farm
  • Seed delivery

Custom Applications:

  • Fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicide
  • Dry variable rate or flat-rate applications (up to six products applied at a time)
  • Strip-till applications
  • Pre-emerge, post-emerge and in-season
  • Relationships with aerial applicators (plane and helicopter)
  • Row crop spinner for dry fertilizer applications
  • Lime (variable or flat-rate)
  • Anhydrous ammonia (variable or flat-rate)
  • Custom application available

ShowTime™ Nutritional Products

CPI is committed to bringing the best quality products to the market to maximize crop production. Our ShowTime line of nutritional products has been researched and proven by our partner manufacturers, university and third-party cooperators. These nutritional products will make a solid recommendation for the cropping needs of all customers. Farmers will recognize higher yields and greater return on investment when they incorporate ShowTime products into their crop management plan. All products are available for direct to farm delivery or pickup; we also offer custom application services.

Precision Ag

We provide services designed to simplify your farm’s technological capabilities and outputs. The CPI Precision Agronomy team collaborates with you to create personalized prescriptions using your yield monitors, Variable Rate (VR) planters, fertilizer applicators, and irrigation units. This delivers targeted insights and data-driven results.

Enhance your efficiency with our updated Variable Rate fertilizer service, now featuring multi-product application. Apply up to six products in one pass, tailored to your field’s specific needs.

Data Connectivity

Keep your data in one place with an integrated operation monitoring system. Compatible with many equipment makes and models. 


Uncover valuable insights, both in-season and for next season, with crop performance analysis by field and zone to protect yield.


Optimize inputs to maximize yield with variable rate seeding prescription, nitrogen management, and fertility scripting.

Precision Agronomy Team

Katelyn Duffy
Precision Agronomy Manager

Sarina Janssen
Precision Agronomy Support Specialist


CPI offers top-tier seed genetics, including corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, cotton, sunflowers, alfalfa, wheat, canola, and forages. We meet farmer’s needs with a diverse range of seed brands:

FORCEFIELD® Seed Treatments

CPI’s proprietary FORCEFIELD® seed treatment protects your soybeans or wheat from early-season disease and insect pressure when your stands are at their most vulnerable stage. With a version designed for each respective crop, FORCEFIELD® seed treatments consist of a fungicide, insecticide, and inoculant to stimulate early growth and maximize yield potential.
Minimize your risk each season and look into having your seed coated with FORCEFIELD® seed treatment. To get an idea of the potential return on investment FORCEFIELD® can provide, contact your local CPI Sales Agronomist.