Ampride North Continues Outside Renovations

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” We’ve all heard that cliché, but for Bob Matthies, operations manager of CPI Ampride, the outside of the Ampride in north Hastings on Burlington is undergoing renovations to bring it up to speed with what’s already been changed inside throughout the past few years.

Ampride North will be undergoing stucco repairs to get the cracks filled, along with a new paint job that will provide the store with an overall cleaner, more modern look. The building will also sport new LED-lit outside signs for Ampride and for its renters in the food court. The renovations should be complete at the end of June 2018, depending on weather.

“It’ll be a nice change from what we’re used to,” said Matthies. “We’re focusing on the look of the outside, making sure our stores are really welcoming and really as clean as they possibly can be.”

The building, which was built in 2000, was acquired by CPI in 2005 and has undergone a few renovations since, mostly interior. Matthies hopes that changes on the exterior will pique customers’ curiosity and pull them into the store to see what’s new inside, including iced coffees and slushies for the hot summer weather.

“We hope [the renovations] create a good, positive influx of business, not just for us but also for our renters,” said Matthies. “We’reall in this together. We all want to make sure the impact on the community is a positive one.”

The renovations have already begun with the canvases and old signage being taken down, but that hasn’t deterred customers from continuing to stop in for a quick bite to eat or a lottery ticket. Matthies recounts one regular customer, an older gentleman, who frequently stops in not only to play the lottery but to interact with the cashiers who are friendly and welcoming. This customer used to play at a competitor but mentioned to Matthies the other store did not treat him very well.

“Everyone’s time is worth something, so we want to get them in and out of here as quickly as we possibly can and do it with a friendly smile,” said Matthies. “Our focus is to make sure that every customer, whether they’re a first-timer, a twenty-fifth-timer, or however long, that they leave with a smile and a great taste in their mouth.”

That outlook on customer service, combined with the new exterior renovations, will keep customers coming back time and time again. You’re invited to stop by the CPI Ampride in north Hastings to experience the CPI Ampride customer service and to keep up with the exciting ongoing renovations.

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