CPI To Provide SATRA Grain Engulfment Simulator at HHD

[HASTINGS, NE August 16, 2021] — Cooperative Producers, Inc. has announced plans to provide live grain engulfment/rescue simulations at their Husker Harvest Days lot #53, September 14-16, 2021. The training will be provided by SATRA (Safety and Technical Rescue Association). Simulations will be done at least once every hour. All ages are welcome to participate and learn more about the dangers of grain entrapment.

The live grain engulfment/rescue simulation is done in a controlled environment, but is designed to be as real life as possible and utilize all safe bin entry practices. Show attendees can play the roles of a bin entrant and attendant. The entrant, wearing a harness and lifeline, enters the simulator and becomes a victim of a grain entrapment. Three other attendants must work together to free the victim from the entrapment using a Res-Q Tube.

Every attendee has the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be the victim of a grain entrapment and act as a rescuer. The experience drives the point home that grain entrapments present a true danger and that entrapment prevention is essential.

“Grain bin entrapments on the farm continue to be an ongoing concern and anything we can do to help train our farmers and first responders on grain engulfment rescue is a win in our book,” said Doran Burmood, Vice President of Health and Safety at Cooperative Producers, Inc. “We’re excited to offer show attendees the ability to learn about the dangers of grain entrapment in a controlled environment.”

About SATRA – SATRA (Safety and Technical Rescue Association) is a nonprofit organization that provides rapid search and rescue services utilizing trained search and rescue technicians to train or respond to various disasters. Trainings offered include OSHA compliance, grain handling safety, fall prevention, emergency mitigation, and 3rd party evaluations.

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