Moving Grain with CPI’s Transportation Team

Straight trucks and tractors with wagons have traditionally been the most-used method of moving grain to nearby elevators; semi-trucks were more often used for longer hauls. In recent years, semi-trailer trucks have become the most common means of transporting grain off the farm due to the many choices farmers have for marketing. Feed mills, ethanol plants, shuttle loaders, and grain processors all improve their efficiency when semi-trailer trucks are used to haul grain. Because of this, CPI has curated a great team of drivers and trucks to help take your grain where it needs to go. 

CPI Transportation moved the following approximate bushels since mid-September:

  • 905,226.1 bushels were picked up off the farm and hauled via direct ship.
  • 448,408.5 bushels were picked up off the farm and hauled to a CPI location.
  • Another 1,596,288.65 bushels were transferred from truck houses to shuttle loading facilities to make room for incoming commodities. This movement ensured that our farmers would always have a place for their grain at all CPI locations.

Today’s grain market is volatile and competitive. Managing the marketplace can be time-consuming, and often your product gets undervalued. By working with CPI and joining the CPI Direct Ship program, you get our team of highly skilled marketers and originators who will help you manage your risk to get the best deal and bring the most value to your operation. We are your most valuable partner transporting your grain while providing you with top-of-the-industry service. Take advantage of our marketing tools, technology, team, and security. If you’re going to be working direct to farm operations, make sure you have the CPI Direct team there to see it through to benefit your operations.

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