Something Premier is Coming

In CPI’s convenience store world, one of our philosophies is to try something new. We’re taking that philosophy to another level with a new name: CPI Premier Stop.

All CPI Ampride stores will be transitioning to CPI Premier Stop stores before 2019, the first of which will be the north store in Hastings as soon as next week. The decision to change our name was largely due in part to the fact “Ampride” is not a name CPI owns. Amprides pop up all over Nebraska and beyond, and we realized we needed something to set our convenience stores apart from the pack and something that was our own.

With the new name change comes an expectation: premier. We want each location to match the new name and to be as comprehensively premier as possible. My team and I have been working to make sure what we provide to every customer who walks in that door will be the best-of-the-best service. Our customers can count on the right products at the right prices. They can count on being served in a timely manner.

The fuel we provide will also be premier. Premier Stops will still be Cenex locations and carry the premier-level fuel we strongly believe in. It has extra detergents and additives that help clean engines and keep them in tip-top shape for our customers.

We’ll also begin to work on updating the exterior of our stores. The north store in Hastings has already been given a facelift with new paint, new signs, and general repairs. The new Premier Stop sign will be installed soon, and that logo will begin making its way onto and into every CPI convenience store in the near future.

We’ve positioned our stores, too, to provide the most premier products to our customers. We aim to carry new products and provide those to our customers so that when they see a new flavor or limited edition item, they know they can stop into one of our convenience stores and find it. Whether our convenience stores are in a small community or a larger community, our customers deserve the best and the newest, so we try to provide that for them.

It’s not every day that a company gets the opportunity to change names and to re-brand. My team and I are looking at this as a reinvention. It’s an opportunity to continue to provide the best possible service and to grow our current customer base into something even stronger. We want the transition to the new name to be smooth and to make sure every issue, no matter how big or small, is addressed. We want to make sure there is a noticeable change in the employee staff from how we dress and act now to how we dress and act as Premier Stop.

We believe rebranding and becoming CPI Premier Stops is the next step for the future growth of our company. Come see us soon at our rebranded stores and let us prove to you what premier means to CPI.

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